Your Genes Tell You What To Eat And Learn Why !

Your Genes Tell You What To Eat And Learn Why !


   Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi ( Chief Genetic Fitness Consultant )

DNA Diet, Healthy diet plan

Surprising enough, today people follow a series of diets known as the Ketogenic diet, Paleo diet, raw food diet, fruit diet and what not. But often people find it hard to believe that their DNA has its genetic diet plan, which followed correctly will keep one fit and healthy.

Obesity has become an endless epidemic that is casually visible today in one out of every four people. It is shocking to say that both obesity and malnutrition stand equal to each other in proportion today in the world. The World Health Organization has long before declared obesity, followed by ill eating habits as the primary major problem faced by the world resulting in the loss of a healthy diet. Even after creating quality awareness, this blatant issue remains ignored. People hardly know that obesity makes way for many other deadly diseases and disorders in the body.

Firstly, people need to understand that obesity is not restricted to men and age alone. To be more explicit, women have a much higher chance of getting prone to this serious issue. Obesity has no age bar; it might affect anyone, even in childhood or in adulthood. Ill effects are brought in the body alike in men and women such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hepatitis, and blood pressure to name a few.

In spite of relentless efforts by people to lose flesh, obesity does not seem to disappear. Why is that so?

The answer is people fail to make the best possible diet choices from certified, expert dietitians and physicians.

Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi, a reputed DNA genetic nutrition analyst from Gujarat, has introduced the concept of DNA diet. This diet is one of its kind which concentrates on helping the obese person lose weight by modifying his diet plan according to the setup of his genes which makes it a genetic diet plan. People have slowly started to understand the potential of this healthy diet plan, and it has already set aside all other forms of diet plans.

DNA diet India has a team of skilled professional dietitians and physicians who have mastered themselves in DNA diet. We help people to eat the right way for their health. We assure our clients to discover their genetic profile and make smarter diet choices that will help them in the longer term. Our clients are supported by qualified dietitian’s coaching that is guided genetically.

We do not bring changes in the DNA of the client as DNA is unique to every individual and specifies every trait of the individual. We are there to help our clients to understand the gene structure of one and adapt to it accordingly and provide a unique gene-based DNA Diet.

Diets such as paleo diet, ketogenic diet, raw food diet, Atkins diet, etc. are meant to restrict a person’s eating. But DNA diet is a smart alternative of the conventional modern eating habits. The person does not need to stress himself physically, release drops of sweat and stay hungry. This is a healthy diet plan that is responsible for bringing about healthy changes. We also give a complete blueprint of the client’s health status from time to time.

Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi says, “To help our clients with most validated, accurate and actionable genomic information to improve or maintain Health and Wellness through personalized diet plans, i.e. DNA-based diet plan.”

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