Your Genes are a mirror of who you are ?

Your Genes are a mirror of who you are ?


   Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi ( Chief Genetic Nutrition Consultant )

Our DNA is something that is unique to us. So why shouldn’t our diet be?

We welcome you to the concept of the DNA diet, an exclusive yet simple, healthy diet plan by renowned nutritionist Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi.

In a world full of nutritionists and people focusing on cutting out flesh from the body with the help of rigorous physical practice, exercising and gyms we focus on genetic-based weight management ideas. Our main concentration hence lies on modifying the diet intake of the individual concerning his or her DNA rather than staying hungry and eating less.

DNA Diet is a newer term in the field of modern dieting and weight loss practices. But we are aiming to take this genetic diet plans to the next level. First and foremost, we feel proud to say that we are the first in Gujarat to translate nutrigenetic research and apply it in healthy dieting practice.

DNA is the main core unit of our research. This is because it is the only substance we carry right from birth to death. Every characteristic of us is defined in our DNA. People, however, need to understand that we in DNA diet plans do not work to change the pattern of the DNA but help and advise people to eat according to his or her genetic setup. Adapting to a healthy lifestyle as per the DNA for healthy living is what we believe in!

Paleo diets, Ketogenic diets, raw food diet, Atkins diet, fruit diet, and other such balanced diets have their limitations. Whereas; DNA or Genetic diet plans do not have any. Hence, we feel free to say that it is indeed a healthy alternative and the wisest decision one could ever make. In this diet, you do not have to work out hard and break sweat drops to cut your calories, but instead, the food you consume will be responsible for getting you back in healthy shape.

It is high time we should all know that mass weight gain, as well as weight loss powders sold in the market, may create health issues in the long term. Trying to lose weight in such a manner is artificial. Expert nutritionists advise people to not go by shortcuts and resort to healthy organic ways of dieting.

We not only help people to get into DNA based dieting but work in a far more systematic manner. We provide the person with a complete blueprint of their health status so that he or she can keep track of change. We have the best nutritionists, dietitians, and physicians who are always helping people to transform healthily. They know well of the concept and keep a record of the person right from his or her genetic predisposition to food and nutrient supplements. Ergo, customized nutritional recommendations are offered.

With our diet plan to lose weight fast you can have your unique weight loss program and stay fit with proven and promising genetic methods and DNA diet plans under expert supervision.

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