Why is Gene-Based diet a most scientific way for weight management ?

Why is Gene-Based diet a most scientific way for weight management ?


Gene-based diet often called the DNA diet, is one of the first of its kind in the science and genetics world. DNA Diet has been devised to assist the healthcare practitioner in the design of his or her very own personalized and healthy eating plan based on his or her genetic differences. DNA Diet also throws light into the reaction shown by each to carbohydrates, saturated fats, minerals, vitamins and intensity of exercise, allowing the dietician to further personalize the diet plans of individual’s nutrition diet according to their weight loss programs.

Working process of Gene-Based Diet:

The diet tests some thoroughly studied gene variations that impact the metabolism, absorption, and storage of fats and carbohydrates, as well as the eating behavior of the individual. Genetic engineers and scientists have analyzed how an individual’s genetic data and structure will impact their response to three different widely used diet plans. It is believed that low fat, Mediterranean, and low carbohydrate are the three most effective healthy eating plans concerning genetic diet plans. Genetic studies conducted have shown that individuals do respond differently to different personalized nutrition.

What do researchers say about Gene-based Diet?

Researchers have found that bringing about a variation in an individual’ s gene, may strongly affect and modify how that individual perceives food tastes. These specific gene variants are used to personalize a diet, incorporating 19 genes that are already linked to a person’s metabolism.

In one study conducted by researchers, it was found that people who adopted their personalized gene-diet loosed 33 % more weight than people on a standard, regular diet. In the race for losing pounds, a 33 percent advantage can make a huge difference.

Overweight and obesity are risk factors for ill health and various chronic diseases. Nearly 5 out of 10 individuals in this world at present face the severe consequences of obesity. Weight management and proper eating are essential to the long-term health of an individual.  Doctors use DNA Diet as a tool to gain insight into their patient’s requirements for healthy consumption.

Some close known facts not everyone knows about Gene-Based Diets

Gene-based diet, being a branch of Nutrigenomics, has profound effects on individuals.  As Nutrigenomics testing comes nearer to the mainstream of modern science, let us have a look at some facts supporting it.

  • Nutrigenomics is a whole system outlook.

The relationship between what an individual consumes and DNA expression with variations are studied in gene-based diets. Nutrigenomics then tries to create an equilibrium between the both and proposes a much healthier diet plan.

  • The approaches of Nutrigenomics are being applied to a wide range of conditions.

Scientists and doctors tend to prefer gene-based diets to treat various kinds of illnesses and undesirable consequences on humans. Obesity, overweight, underweight are few of the conditions that can be treated with genetic testing for diet and exercise.

  • Nutrigenomics could be used to support to offer personalized

Scientists and doctors identify, and provide extracts to poor metabolisms of foliate to reduce the incidence of pregnancy’s neural tube defects, or recommending a low-fat diet as the best solution to lose weight.


Bottom Line :

The bottom line of Nutrigenomics, i.e., Gene-based diet is that it will take some time to come in the scientific front. That’ s because, currently existing strategies for obesity, are relatively inexpensive and time-saving. The complexity of Nutrigenomics and the consequent high costs of associated methods related to it suggest that, at least on present knowledge, Nutrigenomics approaches won’t come to the front healthcare use for some more years to come.

Gene-Based diets will soon become the future, going hand in hand with modern medicine and genetics. It will have profound effects on the human body and can be the widely used option.  Revisions in the gene structure are researching many of the implications of the gene-based diet on cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Nutrigenomics is being taken seriously by scientists in medical research.

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