Why is a new era of weight management – Personalized Diet Plan?

Why is a new era of weight management-Personalized Diet Plan?

Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi (Chief Genetic Fitness Consultant)

In the current scenario, it has been observed that the majority of the population has developed a tendency towards gaining weight. Thus obesity and increase in weight have appeared as a severe health problem within the growing population. For controlling this, people need to focus on losing weight through effective weight management plans. But people should not lose their focus from the proper diet of nutritional value while losing weight. So weight management is seriously essential for maintaining a healthy life. For weight management, every person should follow a balanced diet with the proper nutritional value that would best suit to their health requirement.

To be precise, it is not at all a wise idea to chalk out a healthy diet plan for your health while going through different health magazines, journals or health apps without knowing the proper requirement of your body and the status of your immune system. A medical practitioner should always be consulted before deciding on a diet plan for yourself. With the help of DNA Diet, the health practitioners can confidently chalk out a personalized diet plan for an individual. Personalized Diet plan helps in testing the genetic structure and determines genetic nutrition requirement as per the variations in genetic behavior. It is a significant tool for weight management and reducing obesity.


What do we learn from this?

The study of the genetic environment explains the variability in nutrient requirement depending upon the different genetic arrangements of individuals affecting the transport and metabolism of nutrients. Thus it can be stated that the involvement of gene information for personalizing an individual’s diet which is known as ‘Nutrigenetics’ could improve the procedure of long-term weight management through the implementation of Nutrigenomics Diet.

A proper genetic test or DNA genetic testing is always suggested to determine the specific requirement of the nutrients for an individual’s health in exact measurement and even the eateries that should be strictly avoided to maintain that particular diet. Best results could be obtained not only through ingestion, but the internal process of metabolism and absorption of the digested food in the wall of the stomach is also essential. The DNA Diet tool not only helps in deciding the exact measurement of the required nutrients for the best planned, personalized diet but also significantly helps in determining the intensity of exercise which is one of the critical components in the maintenance of proper immune health.


Going through the precise and informative discussion about the personalized genetic diet plan, it can be concluded that DNA Diet tool plays the most significant role in the entire process.  With the advent and inclusion of the DNA Diet tool, the focus on the study of ‘Nutrigenetics’ has to be implied seriously for long-term weight management and good health. The proper intensity of exercise accompanied by personalized diet plan aid in metabolizing the food and nutrients in a perfect ratio throughout the process of digestion. Thus the new era of weight management particularly defines the importance of a Personalized Diet Plan for an active and healthy lifestyle.

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