What is the DNA diet? Why is it not one size fit for all concept?

What is the DNA diet? Why is it not one size fit for all concept?


What is the DNA Diet?

DNA Diet can be considered as a medium designed for healthcare practitioners like Dieticians or Nutritionist, which assists them in determining the actual need of specific nutrients in the body of an individual to maintain a balanced diet. DNA Diet does not recommend a general diet for every individual without examining the consumption power of the body of the individuals. DNA Diet is a unique tool that aids in designing a personalized healthy diet for every individual based on their genetic differences. It provides a clear idea of how the body of an individual reacts to nutrients like carbohydrate, fatty acids, saturated fats, proteins and potency of exercise.

Why is the DNA diet not one size fit for all concepts?

It is quite interesting to know that, though every human being has a similar organ structure and it functions in the same way, yet the internal micro-cellular and the genetic structure varies in every individual. Thus the difference in the genetic structures lays an impact on the rate of metabolism, absorption, storage of carbohydrates and fats and even in the overall eating habits. As per the results of the advanced research, eating similar kinds of food is not suitable for the healthy diet of every individual. It should vary depending on the power of intake of foods of nutritional value according to the internal body structures. Due to which DNA diet is not a one size fit for all concept. As it differs from person to person.

According to the science of microbiology, the nature, characteristics, and feature of a human being variable depending on the DNA structure of the genes present within every human being. Therefore it decides on the food habit and the kind of food that should be taken by each to keep themselves fit and healthy. The health practitioners take the help of DNA Diet to tests the genes that are involved in critical processes like ingestion, metabolism, absorption, etc. Taken, for example, the FTO gene is tested for obesity risk or insulin resistance, ADRB2 is tested for carbohydrates and obesity.

Thus with the help of DNA Diet, food habits and the nutritional need for the different kind of genetic structures are determined, and according to that the medical practitioners can prescribe and suggest the individuals with healthy diet plans and food supplements for the growth of a healthy body and strong immune system. This kind of practice also helps in weight management and weight loss programs thus controlling obesity for the long-term health benefits.

The DNA Diet tool gradually proved to be a boon for the medical practitioners to understand thoroughly the genetic profile of every individual, whom they can recommend a healthy eating plan with proper nutritional value. Along with the maintenance of adequate health through genetic diet, the chronic diseases can also get cured with the help of the tests done through DNA Diet.

From the overall article, it can be concluded that the research result of DNA Diet tool personalizes the lifestyle and the nutrition diet of the individuals by using supplements tailored to compensate the nutritional deficits within a specific genetic variation.

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