What is Nutrigenomic and Role of DNA in dietary practice.

What is Nutrigenomic and Role of DNA in dietary practice.

Science has reached various pinnacles regarding studying and understanding the human body. Most bodily reactions which were earlier termed in abstracts now have a logical scientific explanation to them. Nutrigenomics is one most advanced study in the field of nutritional sciences and made science reach new frontiers. It is a scientific area which uses the study the structure, function, mapping of genes or genomes to understand the relationship between nutrition, health and genes.

Nutrigenomics is a multidisciplinary subject that studies the interaction between the food we eat and our genes. It is known that every person responds differently to certain foods. This is because of the structure of genes are different, our genes ascertain how we respond or react to the food we eat.

Therefore, Nutrigenomics plays a vital role in devising the daily diet and routine of an individual to prevent long-term illnesses and maintain a healthy body by determining and understanding how our genes respond to food items. The science behind Nutrigenomics can help us avoid diseases by making slight changes in our diet.

The variations in our genes and DNA have a significant impact on our metabolic system, nutritional requirements that in turn affect our tendency to gain, lose or maintain weight.

Our genes are the essence of our self and can tell us details about our body like nothing else. Knowing one’s DNA is one of the most prominent ways of knowing oneself. Therefore, a DNA based check provides an excellent opportunity to apply genes checks in one’s daily lifestyle routine. This can help prevent the onset of various chronic diseases, assist in planning meals, diets and exercises which will give you the maximum result regarding maintaining a healthy body.

Hence we can conclude that the food that we consume has a direct effect on our genes and in turn determines how our body will react to it. Food can be impetuous for inflicting diseases and disorders in some institutions. Nutrigenomics is the most scientifically authenticated way to understand our body and get an incredibly customized report of one’s DNA. Therefore, with the power of this study, we can understand our genetic makeup better which can protect the people from getting a lot of diseases, modify their diet specific to their gene structure and in turn maintain a healthy and happy life.

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