There is a diet for you. The answer is in your DNA

There is a diet for you. The answer is in your DNA

 Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi (BHMS, CFN , Chief Genetic Fitness Consultant)


Gene-based diet or DNA diet is primarily related to Nutrigenomics. It is the study of how our diet, nutrient supplements, and other environmental factors interact with our genes, influencing our health for the better or worst.  It helps the people to take control of their health and understand more about the genes they inherited from their parents.

Difference between regular diet plans and DNA diet plans

A proper balanced diet plan is for a healthy meal that includes different types of healthy foods from all the food groups, unlike the DNA diet. Here the diet plan is different for all people, depending upon the potential of the genes they have. In simple terms, we can say that it is personalized for everyone taking their genes in account while making the diet plan.

Is DNA diet any good?  

DNA diet has its fair share of believers as well as opposers. Since it is a relatively new type of nutrition diet plan based on Nutrigenomics, many researchers believe it can help people with their health problems.

How is a DNA diet plan prepared?

A swab from the inside of your mouth or saliva is collected as a sample. The sample is then sent to a lab where it goes through various tests. Using these tests selected genes, known as a person’s genetic profile is tested and mapped out. Everything can be found about the body like how the body reacts to coffee or the tendency of the body to gain weight.

Nutrigenomics allows us to find the foods or nutrients that we may need more or less for better health conditions. It also helps us to understand if we are sensitive to environmental pollutants. Even a person who thinks that he has a balanced diet can benefit from a DNA diet, which can make out some tweaks in the diet.

How does a DNA diet works?

The DNA diet tests some studied gene variations that affect processes like metabolism, absorption, and storage of fats and carbohydrates, as well as the eating pattern of a person. Many scientists have also analyzed how an individual’s genetic data and structure will have an impact on their response to three different and widely used nutrition diet plans. Low fat, Mediterranean and low carbohydrate diet are the most effective healthy diet plans in DNA diet plan.

The problem faced by Nutrigenomics

The problem with Nutrigenomics is that it will take some time to come in the scientific front as well as in the market. In the present time, existing strategies for obesity are relatively inexpensive and takes less time. The complexity of Nutrigenomics and the consequent high costs of the involved methods related to it suggests that at present Nutrigenomics cannot be used in the healthcare centers for some more years.

It is said by the researchers also that the DNA based diets will soon become the future with the help of modern medicine and development in the field of genetics. It will have the best effects on the body and would be widely used in the future.


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