Why obesity is becoming a Silent Killer nowadays?

Why obesity is becoming a “Silent Killer” nowadays?

According to a recent survey made by the National Family Health Survey, they found that obesity has reached to be the most epidemic Proportions in India. It is evident that nearly billions of people, approximately, 1/8th of the world’s population is still carving for Hunger and dying out of it. This happens simultaneously at the same time, where the spread of obesity among the people has reached its peak.

Obesity is medically defined to be the major health problem spreading worldwide and even in India too. It is not just a disease, but a cumulative of conditions increase the risk of several other chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, blood pressure, liver diseases, and heart diseases.

Obesity is the major problem worldwide and threatening the people with its leading preventable cause of death, particularly among the children and teens. One of the unusual behavior among the teens of the present generation is using various diet plans related to Dieting. They think that this weight loss programs provides a way to reduce their body weight and helps to maintain a slim-fit body. But they don’t realize that, without necessary guidance that provides a balanced diet, dieting becomes a temporary solution which is going to be a significant risk factor in their lives until they become obese.

Why is Obesity a silent killer?

Generally, obesity is related as a label or a symbol for ranges of weight that is usually considered to be higher than the normal weight. It is a condition in which an excessive amount of body fat or cholesterol that has been accumulated in the body over a long time. It is not just a myth that obesity is a silent killer, but nowadays the seriousness of obesity has exceeded among the youth.

They automatically pretend to be a victim of depression, blood pressure, and coronary heart diseases. All you can do to avoid obesity is to keep calm and avoid junk foods. Junk foods are good for your tongue, but you can’t imagine how far it is harmful to your body and health. It is more important than the food you eat must not only YUMMY, but it must be good for your TUMMY.

Obesity is the primary factor that triggers your hypertension and raises your blood pressure to an extent level and results in a confused way. It is essential to ensure that you eat only the good and workout properly to ditch and kick out the silent killer- Obesity.

Obesity needs a unique approach to deal with. It can be treated as soon as possible only if you maintain a hygienic lifestyle, proper food management system, and a regular workout. Dietary therapy helps you to reduce the calories in taking up to 500-1000 kcal per day. Be aware that you are letting only professional nutritionists access the current level of the fitness of your body.

The National obesity week is celebrated to Create and spread awareness among the people about obesity at the mid of November every year. Obesity is very easy to catch, but it is really too slow to run. Hence make sure that you sow only well for your body so that it will help you to fight against obesity, a silent killer.

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